Reconstruction News (1/22/2015)

- All writeups are now alphabetized under their respective sections.

- I've added all the writeups I had in my queue to the website. Perhaps this will motivate me to finish them. Some will be very time consuming like the Steering Rack bushing replacement, while others will be easy as I modified the images way back when.

- I've repaired the "Aftermarket Oil Filter Relocator Mod" pic by pic. The Ashtray mod has less pics, but the new felt diagram image makes up for it. The Stubbs Welding and Firestik mod pages were abandoned because no images exist. I may post the text version only, but for now, they've been removed.

- I've repaired a few more writeups, ditched the entire electronics section (couldn't find the images), and added a treasure trove of pdf and zipped reference documents

- I'm aware that many pics are missing. You can thank a Russian hacker for mangling this website. Site is being repaired, but it's a pain staking process. Images will be added to existing writeups. Some cannot be found either online or in my personal image library.

= writeup is 100% complete
= partially complete (some images missing)
= majority of images (or page) missing

- Next steps: edit and update information as needed. Fix server donation links. Attempt to replicate or photograph again those pics that are missing (if possible)

Bob Kim



02 Sensor Replacement
3.4L Oil Change
Battery Replacement
Blower Fan Cleaning
Brake Fluid Bleeding
Bulb Diagram (pdf)
Clutch Pedal Bushing Replacement
CV Boot Repair (Future)
Differential, Transmission & T-Case Fluids
Door Latch/Handle Repair
Driveshaft Lubing
Fuel Filter Replacement
Fuel Injector Rebuild & Replacement (Future)
Hillbilly Motive Brake Bleeder Mod (Future)
Jackpoint Locations (Future)
Lower Control Arm Cam Repair (Future)
Oil Change Rebuilt
Outer Rear Axle Seal Replacement
Shift Seat Bushing Replacement (pdf scan)
Spark Plug Replacement
Steering Rack Bushing Replacement (Future)
Sway Bar Bushing Replacement (Future)
Steering Shaft Knock Fix
Tail Light Bulb Replacement
Throttle Body & MAF Sensor Cleaning
Toyota Special Tools & Manuals

E-locker Retrofit
Enhanced MV-50 Mod (Future)
Shackle Hangers and Rear Hitch Receiver
Stubbs sliders Rebuilt
TJM 17 Front Bumper
Type R Rear Breather Differential Mod

Black Pearl Emblems
Fiamm Horn Installation (Future)
Hella 500 Driving Lights
MacNeil Weatherflectors
Satoshi Emblem Mod
Tacoma Whip Antenna Installation

12 Volt Cigarette Plug Addition Mod
98 to 99 4Runner Roof Console Mod (pdf scan)
98 to 99 Rear Cargo Box Swap (Future)
98 to 99 4Runner Cupholder Mod
99 4Runner Door Buzzer Disabling
Aftermarket Headunit Installation Rebuilt
Ashtray Cushioning Mod
Component System and Single Subwoofer Install Rebuilt
Ram Mount Device Holder Mod (Future)
The Seatbolt Mod
Sound Deadening Mod
Wheelskin Steering Wheel Replacement Mod (Future)
White Face Gauge Install (Future)

Cobra 75WX CB Radio Installation
Modified Firestik Antenna Mount Rebuilt

RS3000 Remote Programming
Aftermarket Oil Filter Relocator Mod Rebuilt
Aftermarket Oil Gauge Install
Respirator Page
Thule Rack System Purchase & Usage Advice (Future)

1996-2000 4Runner Parts Sheet (zip)
1998 4Runner Service Manual (zip)
1998 4Runner Fluid Capacity Sheet (pdf)
RS3000 Alarm Install Manual (pdf)
RS3000 Alarm User Guide (pdf)
Toyota Spark Plugs Sheet
TRD 3.4L Supercharger Install Manual (pdf)
Valentine 1 Owner's Manual