The Respirator Page

By: Bob_98SR5
Application: Fiberglassing, Spray Painting, When your mechanic buddy cuts a fart
Updated: 1/19/15


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Tools & Supplies


Please note that the list of products and the recommendations below are my personal recommendations. However, it is not an exhaustive list and I do not take any legal responsiblity for your purchase choices. If you have any doubts about respirator products, contact the appropriate manufacturer and/or your local expert.

If you've made it to this page, you're probably working on a mod of mine that requires sanding, painting, fiberglassing, or a combination of all of the above. Over a period of time and even in one working session, you can do some damage to your respiratory system and your senses. Your health is too important to play with, so take my advice and buy the following items if you are doing any of the work listed above:




Parts to Purchase:

3M 6000 Series Half Mask Respirator
6001 Organic Vapor cartridge filters (1 pair)
5P71 Pre-filters (2 pairs)
501 Retainer (1 pair)


The respirator pictured above is my 3M 7500 Series half-mask. It is about double the price of the 6000 Series because it uses silicone in the face piece for a nice, comfortable fit. I've tried on the 6000 Series and it is just as comfortable, but half the price. Thus, my recommendation is to go with the 6000 Series.

Also, don't forget to buy generic safety goggles (any brand) and rubber gloves.