Replacing Your Rear Tail Lights
By: Bob_98SR5
Updated: 1/20/15 (Original 2003)

Tools Needed

Philips screwdriver or 10mm socket with extension

Parts Needed
Tail Light Bulbs (see diagram below)

I am providing this write up for illustrative purposes only. Perform at your own risk. Any mods (including this one) you perform on your vehicle is your responsibility. Commercial use of this write up will result in legal action.

Changing your rear tail lights is a pretty simple task. However, most people the first time do not know which direction to pull the tail lights out and some have actually broken the tabs on the back of the tail light assembly. This write up will show you how to safely remove the tail light assemblies and replace the bulbs.

Step 1: Removing the Tail Light Assembly

Remove the two bolts with a philips head screwdriver or a 10mm socket with extension. Next, push the tail light assembly outwards. It might require a bit of force, but it will pop out. Use two hands to control the amount of force you exert on it. A good smack with an open palm will dislodge it.

Remove two bolts (already removed)   Smack the assembly *outwards*

Step 2: Installing the Bulbs
Well, this part does not take rocket science. Just simply untwist the harness counter clockwise and pull out the burned out bulb. Next, insert your new bulb in and re-assemble everything in reverse order.

Here's what it looks like from the back.

Bulb Diagram (updated 1/20/15)
This is the list and location diagram of all bulb numbers as compiled for a 1998 4Runner. Yours maybe different, so consult bulb manufacturers such as Sylvania for the correct bulb number or from your local Toyota dealership:


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