Maintenance Help Links and Service Tools From Toyota
By: Bob_98SR5
Date : June 14, 2014 (updated)

Unlike other manufacturers, Toyota is pretty helpful about providing the DIY mechanic the right resources and the right tools for performing maintenance and repairs on our vehicles. Below is a list of those resources:

Online Scheduled Maintenance Guide
Everyone needs a starting point. Toyota put together a maintenance database that will allow you to query your model, year and your current mileage interval and output those items you need to change or replace. Please note that all years are not covered and vary depending upon your vehicle model.

Toyota Field Service Manuals - Books

Order FSMs from their Materials Distribution Center. Their contact information is:

Materials Distribution Center (MDC)
Telephone: 1-800-622-2033
Hours: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Toyota Field Service Manuals - Books
If you are patient enough, you can download the FSM manuals section by section from their online FSM page. Read some feedback here. It can be found on the Technical Information System webpage as well. The TIS "is your service support source for all Toyota produced vehicles marketed in the United States. TIS includes all of the vital information you'll need to effectively service most 1990 and later Toyota products."

Special Service Tools

If you are performing a task that requires special tools from Toyota, they do sell special tools for the job. Unfortunately as of 6/10/14, I cannot find a working link to their (presumed) website.


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